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Footwear Care

Footwear CareYou can enhance the long term appearance and life of your MCKINLAYS shoes with a few simple steps.

  • Always allow wet shoes to dry naturally in a warm airy place
  • Shoes benefit from being "rested". Alternating wear between two or more pairs allows the leather to recover from the build up of perspiration and will give your shoes longer life.
  • Use a good quality polish. We recommend WAPROO products.

For Suedes, Nubucks, Roebucks -Before wearing for the first time
  • For cleaning, wipe a damp cloth and allow to dry. Apply WATER AND STAIN PROTECTOR.
  • JAY-EL BEESWAX may also be used, especially for scuff marks and other damage, but please note that beeswax can darken some leathers.

For Smooth and Shiny Leather
  • Before wearing for the first time, polish with ZORBEL COLOUR NEUTRAL CREAM or WAPROO RENOVATING POLISH.
  • For cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Re-apply polish. Note that regular use of renovating polish will, over time, build and even base of colour over the whole shoe.

By following these simple steps your MCKINLAYS shoes will keep their good looks and feel great for the longest possible time.

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